Hello and welcome to Textile Rebellion! We are a newly formed group, hoping to use our crafty skills to make great change in the world.


Operating under Animal and Extinction Rebellion, our group will be using arts and textiles to raise awareness about the catastrophic impact of the fast fashion industry and animal textiles such as leather and fur. We are here to educate and raise awareness as well as inspire people with new ways of interacting with textiles, such as up-cycling, repairing, tips on charity shopping, how to host a clothes swap and much more…!


Keep your eyes open as lots of exciting content is coming your way: from educational articles, to videos with tips and tricks for creating a sustainable, cruelty free and unique wardrobe.


For even more content, head to our Instagram @textilerebellion where we will be regularly sharing information about campaigns, useful infographics and much more.


Love and light,


The Textile Rebels x

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